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ArtFelt Paper Purse Project

Once you’ve decided on a project, choose your roving, pick your colors, and trim your artfelt™ paper to the proper size for the project. Have fun with your design and remember, you can create both one and three dimensional projects!

Now it’s time to attach the roving to the artfelt™ paper. Using a felting needle, simply tack the roving down through the paper. How much is “enough” when it comes to tacking? Lift your artfelt™ paper up sideways. If your project remains in place, it’s tacked down enough. Experiment with layering colors!

Once your project is fully tacked to the artfelt™ paper, it must be saturated with water. Once the project is fully saturated, cover it with a piece of supplied plastic, compressing it and smoothing it out. Roll your project, secure it and place it in an old sock or trouser hose. Once secured, place your project in a pre-heated dryer for roughly 15 minutes. Check to see if your project is felted to the desired degree. If not, simply roll it back up, secure it and place it back in the dryer. Some larger projects can take up to 45 minutes.

Removing your project from the dryer, unroll it and place it paper side up in a sink (the paper will look wrinkled). Carefully pour boiling water over the entire project. You will notice that the artfelt™ paper will magically disappear. Continue to saturate the project with boiling water, until no residue is present. Once complete, rinse your project with warm water, and lay flat to dry. If you have created a three dimensional piece, you can stretch it over the original form to dry. Once dry, your project is ready to be embellished, sewn, cut, etc!

Behold, your finished project!

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