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Artfelt Paper Shortens Process to Finish Nifty Scarf

Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Artfelt Paper shortens process to finish nifty scarf

Longtime crafter and home economist Jeanne Sarna, who says, "I've done just about every crafting out there," is excited about a new product she recently discovered called Artfelt Paper. Made by Skacel from potato starch, it is designed to lessen the time for felting.

"It's revolutionizing felting," enthuses Sarna. "This patented paper speeds up the felting process, giving you great results with ease. It's one of the most interesting products to come on the market in years, and it's going to change felting because true felting, wet and needle, is so labor intensive."

Sarna started an online crafts company in 2002 called Page Additions that specializes in selling scrapbooking, stamping and fiber-art supplies. She now offers Skacel's Artfelt Paper (and pencil rovings) on her company's Web site, www.PageAdditions .com.

The Troy resident shares her amazing felting skills (needle, wet and art) by instructing classes for local organizations.