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Artfelt Paper (from Detroit News)

Jocelynn Brown: Handmade

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Artfelt Paper shortens process to finish nifty scarf

(Donna Terek / The Detroit News)Longtime crafter and home economist Jeanne Sarna, who says, "I've done just about every crafting out there," is excited about a new product she recently discovered called Artfelt Paper. Made by Skacel from potato starch, it is designed to lessen the time for felting.


"It's revolutionizing felting," enthuses Sarna. "This patented paper speeds up the felting process, giving you great results with ease. It's one of the most interesting products to come on the market in years, and it's going to change felting because true felting, wet and needle, is so labor intensive."


Sarna started an online crafts company in 2002 called Page Additions that specializes in selling scrapbooking, stamping and fiber-art supplies. She now offers Skacel's Artfelt Paper (and pencil rovings) on her company's Web site,


The Troy resident shares her amazing felting skills (needle, wet and art) by instructing classes for local organizations.

(Donna Terek / The Detroit News)


Step 2: Cut rovings to fit grid, lengthwise and widthwise. (Donna Terek / The Detroit News) Step 3: Lay lengthwise strips of roving on lengthwise grid lines. (Donna Terek / The Detroit News) Step 4: Form lattice by working from center, folding back every other 59-inch piece of roving. (Donna Terek / The Detroit News) Step 6: Use pen-style needle felting tool to pierce rovings and paper. (Donna Terek / The Detroit News) 

Artfelt scarf

Estimated time: 2 to 4 hours

Skill level:

Ruler, pen, foam, pen-style needle felting tool, plastic sheet (larger than piece being felted), spray bottle, clothes dryer, towels, wooden spoon, pantyhose

A scarf the length of Artfelt Paper ( 9 3/4 inches by 118 inches), 1 skein (50 grams) Skacel wool pencil rovings, soapy (dish soap) water, boiling and tap water


  1. Cut Artfelt Paper into two pieces (9 3/4 inches by 59 inches). Use ruler/pen to draw grid pattern/design on Artfelt Paper.
  2. Cut rovings to fit grid, lengthwise and widthwise. Set aside. Place foam under paper.
  3. Lay lengthwise strips of roving on lengthwise grid lines.
  4. Form lattice by working from center, folding back every other 59-inch piece of roving.
  5. Place a piece of 9 3/4 -inch roving across center. Fold back the 59-inch pieces.
  6. Use pen-style needle felting tool to pierce rovings and paper. (This attaches roving intersections to paper.)
  7. Continue folding length-wise strips and laying over the 9 3/4 -inch strips, alternating strips, unfolding long strips and needle-felting each intersection.
  8. Place needle-felted piece on plastic sheet; spray with soapy water to saturate rovings and paper. After several minutes wool will absorb water. Respray.
  9. Roll finished felted scarf, making sure plastic is between wool layers. Put inside pantyhose. Tie knot to keep in place.
  10. Pre-heat dryer for 15 minutes to the hottest setting. Dampen towels. Place rolled scarf and dampened towels in dryer. Tumble 20 minutes. Remove rolled scarf from dyer to check felting. If more felting is desired, reroll scarf with plastic, from other end. Place back in pantyhose, tie knot and return to dryer. (The more wrinkled the paper, the more felted the scarf with be.)
  11. Once felted, remove plastic and place in sink. Carefully pour boiling water over scarf to dissolve paper. Press excess moisture out with wooden spoon. Rinse with tap water. Gently ring out water. Roll scarf in dry towel. Unroll and lay flat to dry.

Contact Jeanne Sarna at (248) 813-8888, or visit


Detroit News staffer Jocelynn Brown is a longtime Metro Detroit crafter who knits, crochets, beads and makes soft-sculpture dolls. You can reach her at or visit her blog at blog.


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Artfelt Paper (from Detroit News) Artfelt Paper Shortens Process to Finish Nifty Scarf Foil Tape to Emboss a Metal Tin ArtFelt ArtFelt Paper Purse Project

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