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Slide-N-Show™ (23 in stock)

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• A dynamic way to display 5 photos in the space of one
• the motion is similar to a slideshow, amazing it’s made with paper
• the photos can either pull down, (vertically) or to the side (horizontally)
• All five photos must be either all horizontal or all vertical shots
• as each photo moves the next photo is revealed making it wonderful for a series of 5 photos
• pull the paper tab and one photo shows at a time, with the remaining photos hidden, this motion slides to show the covered photos
• this kit is easy to do, simply use the guide lines for photo placement, fold the mechanism twice and tape the mechanism to the included cover sheet
• It is important to use a good quality heavy duty double sided tape
• This product can fit either a 8.5" x 11" or 12" x 12" scrapbook page or altered book
• Easy to use with a page protector, directions in the kit
• Easy to follow, consumer tested directions
• archaically safe and acid free
• the kinetic movement of this kit is a great way to get five photos in the space of one photo on a page, leaving space for more photos and embellishments on the cover

• 3 laser cut frames have been designed to coordinate with the Slide-N-Show™ (note: look for the color coded packaging, the frames that go with the Slide-N-Show™ are purple) see frames

• Made in Michigan!