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Slide-N-Hide™ Wallet (15 in stock)

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Our Price: $9.00
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Slide-N-Hide ™ Wallet
• Holds 3 wallet sized photos
• Slide the paper tab and one photo shows at a time, with two hidden photos, this motion slides and hides the photos
• any photos can be cut to wallet size and used in the Slide-N-Hide™
• this product was designed for school wallet photos
• One fun way to use the Slide-N-Hide ™ wallet on a 12” x 12” page, is to use 2 kits at once, for an example two brothers or sisters can have three photos at the same ages or grade to show how much they look alike or how different they really are
• Designed to use with a page protector, directions in the kit
• Consumer tested directions
• 2 laser cut frames have been designed to coordinate with the Slide-N-Hde™ Wallet (note: look for the color coded packaging, the frames that go with the Slide-N-Hide™ are green) see frames
• Archaically safe and acid free
• Made in Michigan!