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Zero-Centered Rulers™ 8" Straight Zero-Centered Ruler™

AB-064-S8 by Page Additions™
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Zero-Centered Rulers™
• wonderful for quickly finding the center of a piece of paper or anything
• have a classic ruler on the bottom and a ruler starting with zero in the center and counting out on both sides on the top
• use with clear un-mounted rubber stamps as a stamp mount
• can be used to center sticker letters, by attaching the base of the letters to the top of the ruler, gently rocking them in position on the page or card, press gently into position, they will be perfectly aligned every time
• to place a title on a page use the top row of numbers with the zero in the center and center the ruler until the same number appears on the rulers edge of both sides of the paper, if the word has an odd number of letters place the center letter on the zero, next evenly space the other letters on either side of the center letter. When working with an even number of letters place the two center letters evenly next to the zero, then add the remaining letters.
• Rulers made with ½” thick clear acrylic
• come in either a straight version or a finger grip version
• finger grips make it very ergonomically designed and easy to hold to prevent slipping when stamping