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Scor-it™ sold out!

HA-HG120CRPVC by Hammond Group Inc
List Price: $61.99
Our Price: $49.96
Savings: $12.03 (19%)


- Scoring before folding gives a better finished fold, do it easily with Scor-it
• To use simply align paper to be scored against top ridge and center paper using the zero ruler on top, adjust the stop guide if desired to repeat the same score, then place the wooden tool in the center starter and pull down for a perfect score
• A 12 wide board for scoring paper is a must for card makers, scrapbookers, stampers and papercrafters
• Create machine quality scores
• Will score with or against the grain of the paper
• Will handle up to 24 pt board stock
• Easily score plastic, synthetic and hand made papers, even papers with metallic coating and much more
• Wooden tool is attached to the board and wont get lost, it can be easily adjusted to the right or left side as needed
• Eliminates the need for stylus, rulers, burnishers
• Also great for creating elegant decorative embossed or debossed lines for that special touch
• Accordion books are easy to score
-The scor-it board is a 12" x 13" board
• A non-slip surface so your paper stays flat, and rubber feet on the bottom so the board stays put on your work surface.
• Scor-it has a centering ruler at the top, and a metal scoring ridge that runs straight down the center of the board. You use a ridged tool made of purple heartwood to score the paper by moving the tool downward over the scoring ridge.
• Stop Guide is Included
• Replacement hardwood tool available
• This item qualifies for free shipping!

• Mini Scor-it is also available, $26.99!