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Bottle Caps Gold

BC-006 by Page Additions™
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $1.49
Savings: $1.50 (50%)


- Bottle caps can be used as is or flattened with a mallet or in a Sizzix (use a flat putty knife to protect the Sizzix)
• Bottle caps can be stamped and embossed
• Embellish with stickers
• Frame your photo or artwork by using a 1" round punch to punch your photo's or artwork and they will fit perfectly in a bottle cap
• Great for scrapbooks, cards, jewlery, embellishments, altered books and craft projects
• Fill bottle cap with tiny embellishments and either Glossy Accents, Matte Accents or Diamond Glaze: set aside until clear and set for several hours
• Great for small shaker boxes
• Make good game pieces
• Either side can be the top
• We have a great selection of idea books on bottlecaps
• Available in 8 colors: black, red, dark blue, forest green, yellow, gold, light blue, orange or mixed colors
• How to Flatten a Bottle Cap:When flattened, the edging on bottle caps rolls up and create neat looking ruffled edges like a frame. To flatten the bottle cap evenly, place it, top side up, on a hard surface. Pound it a couple times with a rubber mallet. Flip the bottle cap over and give it one hard pound. Voila!
• Use them flattened or as is!
• Paint bottle caps a color or apply Rub n Buff.
• Add charms to bottle caps with jump rings.
• Punch a hole with through the rim with a nail or screw and hammer. A hole can also be punched with a 1/16 hand-held paper punch.
• Very convient and easy to use and they go on any kind of craft project
• Published by Design Originals