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Craft Snip

F- 9629
Our Price: $15.00


-A multi purpose craft snip good for light and heavy jobs
• Cuts cloth, small dowels, flower stems, zip ties, leather & wire
• Right or left handed
• Easy action spring
• Lifetime warranty
• Made in the USA
• Special wire notch is located in front of pivot point for increased leverage
• Adjustable pivot point allows the blade tension to be modified to suit various tasks
• Easy action spring does half the work by opening the snip after each cut
• Heavy Duty stainless steel blades are precision ground and hardened for a sharp, long lasting edge
• Pointed tips enable precise cutting in hard to reach areas.
• Long serrated blades reduce slippage and move material away from the blades when cutting through thick materials.
• Positive safty larch locks for safe storage.
• Convenient hang hole for storage.
• Safty glasses recogmended to prevent injury from fly-off.
• We use these Craft snips in our studio and when we do shows and just love them!