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Fitted Mask: Lucky Cards M-110

Our Price: $15.00


Masks: made by Jeanne Norman Sarna for

Fabric: Outer fabric: 2 layers of 100% Cotton / Inner fabric: 2 layers of Non-Woven Spunbonded Polyester

How to Wear: The center point of the mask goes over your nose. After putting mask on be sure to pinch the bridge of your nose to shape the mask to your nose & press edge to your cheek for maximum protection. A pipe cleaner has been sewn into the mask edge, to conform to your face shape.

Washing: Place in a lingerie bag, zippered pillowcase or a pillowcase that you can knot after you put the mask in, this will keep the elastic or ties from tangling and getting caught on your washer and other clothes. Then machine dry, press if desired.

Size: Adult Medium (Woman & Teens)
Lucky Cards